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Sumter Landing Bicycle Club

Safe, Healthy, Fun Cycling in The Villages, Florida

Florida Bicycle Association's 2016 Bike Club of the Year!   ~   #1 Ranked Cycling Club in since 2017!



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SLBC Jerseys, Shorts and Jackets

The SLBC cycling apparel online store is currently closed.  It opens one or two times a year.  An announcement will be made when it is open and available for ordering.

Don't forget that the first Saturday of each month is jersey day.  Get in the spirit!


Club apparel is available to order one to two times a year from Primal.  The SLBC Quartermaster will notify everyone via email and/or the SLBC Braking News!! prior to each online store opening.

Payments are made online to Primal and orders are shipped directly to you (at no additional cost). Allow approximately 6 weeks for delivery after the sales period has ended.

Minimum order quantities need to be met.  Based on prior order experience we need to limit the types of apparel to more popular items (as shown below).

Please read below before ordering.

Custom Apparel:
All sales are final since the SLBC apparel is custom made.

Jerseys (Sizing):
The jerseys are sport cut which are in between club and race cuts.  If you are unable to attend a fitting session, use the sizing charts (linked below) to help determine your correct size. 

Jerseys (Rear Pockets Details):
The text on the pockets is "CYCLING IS NOT JUST A SPORT - IT'S A LIFESTYLE".  The pockets graphic is The League of American Bicyclists - Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community logo that was awarded to SLBC in 2018.

Jerseys (Women): 
All women's jerseys have no elastic in the waist.


NOTE: Review the sizing charts carefully before placing your order.  Since the apparel is custom made all sales are final.

Primal Sizing Charts

SLBC T-Shirts

T-Shirts are available to be purchased individually from Custom Apparel in The Villages.


NOTE: Review the sizing charts carefully before placing your order.  Since the apparel is custom made all sales are final.

T-Shirt Sizing Charts

Want an SLBC t-shirt after the store is closed?  No problem!  You can order directly from Custom Apparel (3451 Wedgewood Ln, The Villages, FL).  Just let them know you would like the SLBC T-shirt.  Please note that since it is not a bulk order, the prices will be higher than usual.

Augusta brand
Both men’s and women’s shirts available
100% polyester wicking knit
Wicks moisture away from the body
Club and The Villages colors: Yellow shirt, club logo on front, dark green lettering on back

Prices (Individual Orders)
S-XL: $28.99/shirt + 7% tax
2XL:  $31.99/shirt + 7% tax
3XL:  $32.99/shirt + 7% tax
BONUS!  You can also pick out any other style shirt or hat that you like.  Just tell Custom Apparel you want to have the Sumter Landing Bicycle Club logo put on your merchandise.  They have the logo on file.

SLBC Augusta T-Shirt Design 202001 

Any questions, contact