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Sumter Landing Bicycle Club

Safe, Healthy, Fun Cycling in The Villages, Florida

Florida Bicycle Association's 2016 Bike Club of the Year!   ~   #1 Ranked Cycling Club in since 2017!

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How To Sign Up for Bike Journal

This will provide you with instructions on how to create an account for Bike Journal.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please email:

Before You Start

Things you should have available:

1. Username - 15 characters max. No spaces. Bike Journal recommends you don't use your name to protect your privacy.
2. Password - no restrictions found.
3. Email address - it will not be accessible by other members unless you approve it.
4. Make of bike and type of bike (e.g., road, mountain, hybrid, tandem, recumbent, etc.).

Create an Account

1. Navigate to Bike Journal

2. Click Sign Up.

3. Under Member Info: - Enter the Required Information. Fields with the small red arrow.

4. Entering City and State is up to you. You can always go back to edit your profile if you change your mind.

5. For Club Affiliation - Select Sumter Landing Bicycle Club.

6. Under Primary Bike Info: Enter the Make and Type.

7. Under Member Options: Select the options to meet your needs. Typical Ride Terrain - there is a Road: Flat option.

8. Check to make sure under Member Info that Sumter Landing Bicycle Club is selected for Club Affiliation.

9. Click Continue.

10. You will get a chance to review your information.

11. If you are satisfied with your information, Click Submit Profile.

12. Under Configure Your Journal: If you feel comfortable with making changes, please do. Otherwise Click Configure Journal.

13. Program should take you back to the Log In page. Enter your username and password.

14. If you are on the computer you use most, you can click "Remember my login on this computer."

15. Click Log In!!

16. You will receive an email after you click Log In with some general information about using the Bike Journal website.

17. You can start logging in your miles!!

If you need instructions on entering miles:

Instructions to Enter Your Miles