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Sumter Landing Bicycle Club

Safe, Healthy, Fun Cycling in The Villages, Florida

Florida Bicycle Association's 2016 Bike Club of the Year!   ~   #1 Ranked Cycling Club in since 2017!

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How To Log Miles into Bike Journal

This will provide you with instructions on how to log your miles, either daily or bulk miles.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please email:

Before You Start

Have your miles available.
You can add your miles daily, day-by-day, or bulk miles (weekly, monthly or whatever you are comfortable with).

Enter your Miles

1. Navigate to Bike Journal

2. Enter your Username and Password.

3. Click Log In.

4. Move your mouse over Journal and Click add ride.

5. You have two options: Enter ride mileage (or day-by-day), or enter bulk mileage.

Enter Ride Miles    Enter Bulk Miles    

Enter Ride Miles (day-by-day)

1. If you are entering your miles for a specific day, change the Ride Date accordingly.
    NOTE: If you enter your miles daily, there's no need to change the Ride Date. It only takes a few seconds a day.

2. Enter your miles.

3. Click Add Ride.

4. If you need to add other daily ride for a specific day, move your mouse over Journal and Click add ride. Repeat steps 1 - 3.

Enter Bulk Miles

1. If you are entering bulk miles, for a week, month, you can change the Ride Date for the end of the week or end of the month, but not necessary.

2. Enter you miles.

3. Click the Bulk Entry checkbox.  Selecting the bulk entry checkbox is for an entry that contains data for more than one ride. This will help maintain the integrity of the various stat tables.

4. Click Add Ride.