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"Trailers For Sale or Rent..."

Rose Jordan  | Published on 12/8/2020

Most SLBC members know that we have access to two trailers full of bicycles that we use to do safety, maintenance, and skills training.  The trailers are configured in training sets, one for children and the other for adults.  We acquired the trailers and bikes through a University of Florida and Florida Department of Transportation grant about two years ago.  The State of Florida decided that it needed to work on improving bike safety because it has been somewhat abysmal over time.  The City of Wildwood is the grantee and stores the trailers/bikes in its locked impound lot.  Members of the three Villages Bike Clubs and Bike Friendly Advocacy Council use them for training. (Do you recall John Komoroske’s excellent briefing on BFAC at the November SLBC meeting?)
Over the past six years, your clubmates have provided training for approximately 4,000 children and 500 adults using “our” trailers and bikes as well as similar assets from other venues.  
As with all things, entropy is inevitable.  Entropy is the tendency for things to fall apart as they get old and require maintenance (energy) to keep them in good condition.  People suffer from “entropic degradation” just like cars.  If you don’t believe it, just look at some of your Villages neighbors.  That is why it is important to ride regularly and maintain cardio and musculature health.  A good plastic surgeon might also help a little.
Dave Lawrence, Rose Jordan, Bob Jordan, Bruce Hansen, Ron Hetzel, and Bob Thompson recently performed some PMCS (preventive maintenance, checks, and services) on the trailers and bikes.  The bikes needed some inner tubes after heat degraded some of them in the hot Florida Sun.  The trailers also needed some repair as the dome vents needed replacement. 
The work went well, as the Team of Six dove into it.  We actually had fun doing the work.  That is what successful teams do.